Church Council and Congregational Officers

The Church Council oversees the ministry and mission of St. John’s to live, grow and share in God’s love through Jesus Christ.  Made up of twelve members of St. John’s and the pastor, the Council meets on the second Monday of each month.  Each Council member is related to a committee or ministry of the congregation.

2019 Council Leaders


Mitch Reading

Vice President:

Dick Kunsch


Pam Naylor


Shirley Platzer

Assistant Treasurer:

Rose Gatlos

Financial Recording Secretary:

Mary Heiser

Fund 3 Secretary:

Kevin Gallagher

Executive Committee:

Rick Kramer
Don Titus
Laura Caughlan

Other Members of Church Council:

Sandra Zimmermann
Bobbi Riley
Brian Greenwald
Stephen Drewes
Donna Searchfield
Kelly Gallagher

St John’s Lutheran Church Phoenixville