Confirmation at St. John’s is an innovative, creative and fun three-year program for our young people in seventh, eighth and ninth grades. Involving youth, teachers, parental guides, and congregational prayer partners, our young people are immersed in a community of faith that cares for them and shares a love of scriptures and the teachings of the Lutheran faith. Confirmation students and guides meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. and go on two great retreats every year.

Confirmation at St. John’s involves three years of learning, serving, playing, and worshiping.  Seventh and eighth concentrate on Holy Scripture–exploring the Old Testament one year and the New Testament the next.  Ninth graders learn theology with Martin Luther’s Small Catechism as their basic tool.  Scripture and catechism are taught through methods established by Faith Inkubators. St. John’s is a Faith Inkubators Partner Congregation, part of a world-wide renaissance in confirmation ministry.

Confirmation students in all grades are expected to be present for–and participate in–the Sunday morning sessions. On Sunday mornings, the students don’t just learn about the Bible or Lutheran theology, they learn about living and working in community, sharing their joys and sorrows with their faith family, and supporting their brothers and sisters in Christ as they travel together. Over and over, teens at St. John’s have relied on their small groups and their confirmation family to help them through critical times in their lives, and building strong relationships gives them support that is priceless. Coming to confirmation every week is the key to building the confirmation family.