Adult Sunday School Begins

Adult Christian education classes will begin on Sunday, September 15th at 9 a.m.  With the addition of a group for parents with young children, there will be at least five different learning and sharing activities with an occasional combined adult activity.  The adult program is divided into four eight-week cycles offering a variety of opportunities for the year.  All adults are welcome and encouraged to participate.  The adult programs for the fall session are:

¨ THE EXPERIMENT, this brand-new group will be shaped by 20- and 30-somethings—some single, some married, some couples with children, some without.  Chris and Melissa Thompson will help to bring everyone together to garner ideas and find a name, all while sharing God’s love and growing in faith.  This class will meet in half of the Eisenhower Room.

¨ Sunday Morning Book Club.  Books are selected from recommendations by members.  Most books are read over a three- or four-week period, with some coming from the Chester County Library’s “Books in a Bag” Program.  This fall the Club plans to read “The Vengeance of Mothers” by Jim Fergus and “Pachinko” by Min Jin Lee.  Jean Herbranson serves as the coordinator.  The Book Club meets in Pastor Krommes’ office.

¨ Bible Study:  Second Timothy and Titus.  Linda Landis will lead a class based on Paul’s letters to two of his young associates, Timothy and Titus.  Both letters explore what it means to be leaders in the church and how that leadership is shaped, nurtured and depends upon God.  The class meets in the Fireside Room.

¨ Happy Hour.  This is a class that focuses on parenting issues and faith, with the class led each week by various members of the group.  Discussions may touch on concerns raised at home, at school, or events in our society.  Coordinated by Teresa Olsen, the group will meet in the other half of the Eisenhower Room.

¨ Faith Life Class.  This class discusses topics of the day from a Christian perspective.  Participants in the class share leadership and always welcome new insights into what it means to live as a faithful Christian in our very real world.  Coordinated by Jack Ertell, the class meets in Kley Hall Meeting Room #1. 

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