St. John’s is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (“ELCA”).
To learn more about the ELCA, go to Mission & Vision – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (

We are an intergenerational congregation that is passionately committed to
sharing God’s love through word and deed with one another in our community and throughout the world.

In our community of faith:

  • We delight in worship and God’s wonderful gift of music
  • We engage in learning with enthusiasm
  • We warmly welcome all, wherever they are in their journey of faith
  • We support and care for one another with love

In our community of Phoenixville:

  • We are an integral part of the renewal and revitalization of our town
  • We serve as leaders and volunteers in Social Service Agencies, Service Clubs, Scout Troops and Sports Leagues
  • We are generous in our financial support to those in need

In our world, especially in Tanzania

  • We support the ministry of ELCA Missionaries in Tanzania
  • We are sponsors of Selian Lutheran Hospital and Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre in Tanzania
  • We provide full scholarships for young women at the Lutheran Secondary School for Maasai Girls
  • We support one another in our vocations in the world

Our Lutheran heritage is a gift that continually opens us up to be surprised by grace. We are part of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.