A member of St. John’s once said she loved being part of a congregation that “gives our children the world.”  Our global ministry involves children, youth and adults in both long-term and short-term mission throughout the world.  Since 1997, we have been in a missionary partnership with Dr. Mark and Linda Jacobson in Arusha, Tanzania.  We support Selian Lutheran Hospital and helped to build the new Arusha Lutheran Medical Center in northern Tanzania.  Since 2004, we have sponsored five students at the MaaSae Girls Lutheran Secondary School in Monduli, Tanzania.  Other long-term mission projects include Refugee Resettlement, Fair Trade Sales and World Hunger Relief.  Short-term projects include raising money for disaster relief throughout the world, most recently in Haiti.

Selian and Arusha Lutheran Hospitals
Serving with our Missionaries, Dr. Mark and Linda Jacobson

markjacobson Dr. Mark and Linda Jacobson serve on our behalf among the Maasai peoples in northeastern Tanzania at Selian Lutheran Hospital in the village of Ngaramtoni and at the newly-built Arusha Lutheran Hospital.  We provide annual salary support for the Jacobsons and have raised over $80,000 for the hospitals.

A group of 11 people from St. John’s traveled to Tanzania in September 2010 to support our Missionaries, visit the hospitals, participate in a “hands-on” mission project and continue our relationship with the MaaSae Girls Lutheran Secondary School in Moduli, Tanzania. To learn more about Selian and Arusha Lutheran Hospitals, visit these web-sites: and



MaaSae Girls Lutheran Secondary School – Monduli, Tanzania

Each year we provide full scholarships for five girls at the school through our Angel Tree as well as other gifts.  Our students love to write to us and so pen pals are needed. You can learn more about the MaaSae Girls school through this website:

Refugee Resettlement – Serving with Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Services
In July of 2002, two young men from Somalia arrived in the Philadelphia airport and quickly found a new home in Phoenixville through the ministry of the St. John’s Refugee Resettlement Task Force.  Then in March of 2006, two more young African men, this time from Sudan via a refugee resettlement camp in Ethiopia, came to us. In the fall of 2008 an Iraqi woman and her daughter joined us and have started a new life in America.  Two sons joined our Iraqi family in 2010 and we await the arrival of a third son.  To learn more about refugee resettlement contact

Other Global Ministry
Once or twice a month Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate is for sale during Coffee Hour in Kley Hall.  During the summer, we raise funds for World Hunger through Lutheran World Relief.  More information about Lutheran World Relief can be found at