Our Saturday Evening Worship
Worship begins at 5 p.m. year round.  This service is known as “Evening Light” and in months when it is dark at 5:00 p.m., it is lit by candles.

Saturday worship is informal in dress and style. Holy Communion is always celebrated, and the major musical instrument used is a baby grand piano.

baptismOur Sunday Morning Worship
Holy Communion is at 10:15 a.m. during the program year.  In the summer (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day), Holy Communion begins at 9 a.m.

Our Sunday morning worship embraces the richness of the Evangelical Lutheran Worship with its wonderful variety of liturgies and music, augmented by the newer hymnal, All Creation Sings.  While infants and children are always welcome in worship, child care is also available on Sunday mornings.  At every Sunday service there’s also a special children’s sermon.  Our Adult Choir, Children’s Choir and Bell Choir take turns sharing the gift of song, with music led by the pipe organ.

Christian Education and Faith Formation
Sunday school, adult education and faith formation classes for all ages (including confirmation classes) are offered every Sunday morning from September through May at 9 a.m.  Adult offerings include a book club, Bible studies, parent groups and exploration of current events.  Other offerings are available periodically and all are welcome.

Join Us in Singing Praises to God
Music is an integral part of our Lutheran worship.  The entire worshipping community is the musical voice–not only  the choirs, soloists or the organ.  Our liturgy is indeed the work of the community.

  • Worship is the focus of our musical life.
  • The congregation sings hymns from a variety of traditions and backgrounds.
  • A magnificent Aeolian Skinner Pipe Organ supports our song. 
  • Other instruments frequently used include piano, synthesizer, winds, strings, horns and percussion.
  • Four choirs involving over 80 children, youth and adults enrich our worship.
  • Sunday school children sing in worship every month.
  • Our music leadership is provided by musicians, Music Director, Deacon F. Thomas Snyder III, and our Organist/Pianist, John A. Quinn III.
  • St. John’s is blessed to be the home of the Providence Chamber Orchestra.

St. John’s has been our church community since the birth of our sons, the eldest of whom serves on Church Council!  Through Sunday School, Confirmation, worship, special events, parties, retreats, and the bonds of friendship, we have been nurtured and have grown in our faith individually and as a family, always welcome and cared for in this diverse “family” of young and old; rich and poor; leaders and followers; the reserved and the obnoxious; talkers and listeners; liberal and conservative; pushy and reserved; musical and tone-deaf; optimists and pessimists; comedians and curmudgeons… St. John’s is a most marvelous community of people who love each other and love the Lord!             ~Janet R.

Worshiping at St John’s each Sunday morning gives us a true sense of God’s presence in our lives, our children’s lives, and those in our community. It is a joy to hear God’s Word and to experience being surrounded by such caring and loving persons. ~Mark G.

It may not always be easy to get up, dressed and out of the house one more morning each week… but as soon as I walk in the door I am renewed. Renewed by my personal friendships, renewed by the signs of us caring for each other, renewed by coffee and breakfast goodies, renewed by seeing kids and teenagers scurrying around with smiles on their faces, and renewed by seeing how the love of God truly flows through this group of people. It is Jesus’ commandment to ‘love one another’ in action. ~ Sue S.